FF Preview?

I see the FFW preview request has not been posted in a while.  I have to say not being able to see where you are during FFW and REW is the most frustrating thing about Tablo.  The other thing I would like to see is the is the bulk delete/series delete rather than having to go episode by episode.  The delete is not quite as frustrating, just annoying.

I love my Tablo 4 tuner, but these features on Roku need to be added soon.

Keep up the good work folks.


We’ve got both of those on the to-do @kbace6. Stay tuned!

My FF frames show up on some shows and not on others? It’s painful if not complete misery to FF with no visual of the show in either frames or just scanning forward. I see this is a post from last year when were frames introduced and ought the frames in FF mode be present on all recorded shows?

What firmware are you running on the Tablo?

2.2.8 Tablo
Roku 1 2710X version 7.0 build 9044

The #1 cause of FF frames not showing up is if there are signal errors during the recording. A good idea is to look at the recording times of the shows that have FF frames and those that don’t. The ones that don’t likely are shorter in length.

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Are you aware the recording must be completed before FF previews appear? If you are watching live while recording same program = no show.

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FF works nicely on Nexus player with max 2 second recovery, usually none at all. I’ve read problems with some Rokus referring to long LPW delays. Don’t have Roku so can’t say if their latest update was a fix.

Thanks, I didn’t know that, however no frames is happening in recorded shows and nothing else recording or processing at the time. I took the antenna off the Tablo and connected directly to tv to assure that the signals for the channel I like are all strong - they are storg and don’t signal dip near as much as the Tablo does.

So you do see signal dropouts (aka pixelation) on the Tablo? What antenna do you have?

The Tablo has an internal 1x4 splitter that does result in some signal degradation - this marginal loss can result in many signal issues due to the digital signal cliff. Read about it below so you know I’m not BS’ing you.

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