FF Preview - Airplay

Since fast forwarding on ROKU is hard to pull off, why not implement it for Airplay to AppleTV, it’s built in.

All tablo needs to do is send over the entire program, it appears that only a 30 sec buffer is sent over to the AppleTV. Once the program is in the buffer, it opens up so many possibilities.  I can use my apple remote to fast forward, rewind, etc.  It’s very frustrating that you can’t use all the functionality of the AppleTV.  For instance, doing a commercial skip is easy on the AppleTV (via a programmable remote), but I get a 5 sec pause before the program is resumed.  In some respects its better than the ROKU skip forward (via a programmable remote), because I don’t get the loading message, but it takes 5 seconds, to skip 30 seconds.

Benefits of buffering a show on an AppleTV:
instant 30 sec skip (great for commercials)
instant replay
slow motion forward
slow motion backwards
fast forward with preview
rewind with preview

Yes, Yes, Yes!  I didn’t realize this was even possible without an native AppleTV app.  Please @TabloTV is this something you guys can look into?  It seems like something that may not be difficult to implement.

Not sure this would be possible w/ HLS… Let me inquire w/ the iOS team. 

Here is a quick YouTube video showing how to setup the skip buttons on a programmable remote, and the corresponding Apple Documentation.

Hi guys - The team has confirmed that this isn’t possible with Tablo and the way Apple currently has configured the Apple TV.

Thanks for looking into it @TabloTV.  As usual, you blow me away with your responsiveness.

My hopes are now with the fire tv stick.  I’ve given up on ROKU functionality. 

I do have a tivo roamio that works great.  I have a program called cTivo installed that downloads and saves recordings to my iTunes library, that way I can watch all recordings in another room with FF/Rewind preview, commercials marked, etc.  (fully automated).

Maybe the download feature from you guys will do the same.

You’re welcome @jbritton3

We try to be as open and responsive as possible with you guys. It helps that I can throw something here at HQ and 9 out of 10 times it will hit at least one of our developers.* Plus, I’m a little bit compulsive about hitting refresh on all of our social media properties. :smiley:

*No developers were injured in the testing of this theory.