Fewer stations appearing---scanning not working


I live in the San Francisco area and normally pull in 40 stations. All of a sudden my station count is down to seven. When I try to rescan a lot of stations appear in the list but then a message " committing" appears an the process get hung up…for hours :=(. I also get the “There’s an error with the app” message. I have done all the routine trouble shooting routine ( unplugging, rebooting, resetting) nothing seems to help. This is very discouraging. Please help. Thanks!


Anyone offering assistance will want/need to know what app you’re using :roll_eyes: on which device probably.
Sometimes network connectivity - WiFi or wired, as well.
Occasional which tablo device, there are slight variances depending on configurations.


Try doing a channel scan on your computer using the Chrome browser via the my.tablotv.com website


If you reach out to our support team, we can run a few tests and help you narrow this down.

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