Few problems after NEW Roku hardware installed

TinkerDog here.

I had just about ALL the problems mentioned here until a few days ago.

I replaced my Roku Premier (2018 model - Model 3920X - latest Roku app installed on LG 4K TV) with a brand new Roku Expess 4K+ hardware - Model 3941R2 - same TV - same Roku app.
Both Rokus used the same latest Tablo app.

The new Roku hardware is running great with Tablo now. Only glitch I found was that when you watch a channel too long ( maybe an hour ), then when you exit the channel, pick another and select to watch it, it will not go to the spinning icon to get the channel. It just sits on the selection screen where you chose to watch the new channel. You have to exit Tablo and go back in to continue watching a new channel… I know, it’s a pain, but it WORKS for now and I can tolerate this. Otherwise, working great.

So… if you have tried this, let me know how it went with you.

And if it works great now, then Tablo, please fix this final bug and in your source code, please check for excess memory usage and release of said memory as you enter and exit your sub-routines ( I am a programmer by trade for other 30 years…). The bugs appear to be memory constraints being exceeded by the program on the different Roku units… I think…

The bugs appear to b programmers that need to get tgeir asses canned, period.

Return the shit if u can, joke