Feature tracking

Does anybody know if there is a feature request tracking system for Tablo, like Bugzilla or something else, where users can vote on features? I haven’t seen anything other than just posting to the forum.

No there isn’t…but I agree it would be nice to have.
They just recently sent out an email poll for new features, but there is no tracking of either bugs or feature requests that users have access to.

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I thought tablo support used zendesk for external call tracking. So I’m sure they are tracking issues.

And would anyone expect a non open source product to externalize bugs reports or feature requests that originate from non-commercial clients. For some major products there could be hundreds of bugs found via in-house testing. Some of these will never be fixed due to low product impact.

zippy, lots of organizations, including some I have worked for, have ways for customers to enter, track and vote on feature request. That doesn’t mean they expose all defects. Feature requests are different. This type of system helps retain customers and keep a user rather than development based focus. They can do all sorts of things to limit exposure of these requests to the completion, if that is a concern.

@vpetrill - We’ve looked into a few options for feature voting software and none of them have really been affordable and/or integratable into our current systems. Every few months I do another hunt for something but I haven’t found anything that would really suit so far.

If you have any suggestions for options, I’m all ears.

I would hope that tablo has an internal list of features that represent a short and long term product strategy. And this list if implemented would consume more R&D resources then currently available.

I’m sure the vast majority of tablo users never visit or post to the forum. These users probably have valuable ideas. How would their ideas be collected? I think everyone has seen the ideas of the 50-100 users who typically post to the forum.

@zippy - We definitely do and we also collect info from people who email us.

Most people have multiple e-mail addresses so that when they create user accounts with various services any possible junk e-mail is directed to a junk e-mail account that they may look at and clean out every six months.

Otherwise, you would spend all your time filtering through what is or isn’t jink e-mail. Even if everybody used one e-mail account you would have to have junk e-mail filtering turned on. And that is not a perfect system. You might be surprised where tablo e-mail ends up.

@zippy - What I was trying to say was that we collect feedback from email as well as the forum to define our current list of to-dos.