Feature Requests

After being a longtime TabloTV customer I still like the product and would like to make feature requests.

  1. Multiple Streams out of the home. Right now the only way to get multiple streams out of the house is to use full resolution streams. With limited upload bandwidth this can be an issue. Maybe one stream per turner?

  2. The ability to download shows to a device and view offline. Right now there are third party scripts, but to get show to an iPad or iPhone is a pain.

  3. Live streaming out of the house. I find that if I change the streaming resolution below full quality it will not stream out of the house successfully. Once again limited upload and mobile speeds make Full Resolution stream a problem.

  4. PlexTV Client and DVR integration with Plex.

  5. Commercial detection and skipping.

I’ve found that to even get one out of the house stream reliably, that I have to go to full resolution (actually, someone here made that suggestion) when using my T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S6… Wi-Fi seems okay with the lower quality settings.

I’m happy with the 3rd party solutions for pulling shows off Tablo… something integrated into the Tablo app might be nice, but as my need for this is infrequent, that’s not a priority for me. And honestly, getting stuff onto iOS products has always been a pain with the need to sync through iTunes.

I like the idea of commercial detection and skipping, and TiVO seems to have found an interesting solution to this problem. I suspect broadcasters may not be happy with that, however, and wouldn’t be surprised to see a lawsuit some time in the future.

From time to time, I’ve seen the Tablo folks do surveys to try to find out what new features are important to the user base, to be able to get the biggest bang for the buck with their limited development resources. For me, I’m basically very happy with the product and value stability and reliability above all else. As long as it continues to work reliably for me, I’m a happy Tablo user.

Second on offline viewing on mobile device. I would love to take the day’s evening broadcast to the gym with me.