Feature Request - Scheduled List in Chronological Order

Is there a way to view the scheduled to record list in a chronological order?

Like what shows are recording next?

Can that be done? Or would this be a feature request.

Love My Tablo!


Never mind then. What I see on the Roku is perfect.

Both Roku and the Preview app for Fire TV/Android TV have a concept of Scheduled > Coming Soon which does list upcoming recordings in a day-by-day list.

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Just saw that … I was looking on the iPhone app and the web based browser app.

That should suffice - use the Roku :slight_smile:

You get my vote, this would be a nice feature.

What about the ‘regular’ app for FireTV? I used that one, are you saying we should use the beta app? Kinda confusing to have two apps on the store.

The ‘beta’ app is almost a year old and is getting very close to feature complete. When it does, we’ll be making a full switch to this newer format.

In the meantime, we’ve allowed folks to use both concurrently if there’s a feature they need to use that isn’t on the Preview version of the app.

Where is the Beta app ?

The Tablo Preview app is also on the Fire TV & Google Play Store:


Is the preview app being planned for Android phones?

Not at this time.

I’d like to see this on more platforms too, especially the web app.

i am having the same question , Is the preview app being planned for Android phones?

It isn’t but we do plan to add more screens and filters to the mobile apps.