Feature request: Remove channels from guide

I unchecked a bunch of channels in channel lineup settings that we will never watch. Instead of removing these channels from the guide, the guide simply removes the program data and says, “Programming not available.” I’d prefer for the channel to be removed entirely from the guide so we don’t need to surf past these rows when browsing.

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This should have removed the channels from your live grid.

Make sure that you’re not on favorites.

If this is the case, try force closing your TabloTV app. Deleting the cache or data will force it to reload everything anew. You could try a reboot of your puck as well at some point in this process.

You didn’t say which app/STB you are using. But if it’s Roku you often have to do a channel (re)scan and uncheck(or check for adding) the channels before saving and then the magic occurs.

I checked that I am not using the favorites filter. I see this behavior on my CCGTV4K as well as the iOS app. I also tried a channel rescan, unchecking/rechecking, and forcing a guide reload.