FEATURE REQUEST: Miniguide while watching

I believe this may have been requested in the past, however being required to stop watching the current channel in order to view what else is playing in the guide is highly inconvenient. It would be much more efficient to support a miniguide overlay for the show you are watching which would allow browsing the rest of the guide without disrupting your current show.

Agree 100% with this. Playstation Vue does this well.

I personally have never thought I needed/wanted this; but, now that @kevanbrown mentions it, I think it would be a very nice feature to have. I hardly ever watch live TV, so this is why I haven’t noticed. but when I do watch live TV, it is a pain that I can’t pause my show and look at the guide and then resume the show again.

Even if not in the form of a ‘miniguide’, but rather a ‘mini view’ of the show i’m currently watching. My DISH DVR is the only experience I have with this sort of layout. I’d press "guide’, and then it would take me to a screen with my current tuner playing on the upper-right corner at about a 4:3 ratio, the channel guide in the bottom-half of the screen, and a description of what I’ve highlighted on the guide in the upper-left corner.

This is a super popular request and would be awesome to have.

However, it would likely require A LOT of coding work!

Since so many people mentioned this in the latest customer survey it will definitely be one of the ‘feature request’ highlights that I pass along to the engineering team.

A limited version of this is available in the Windows 10 app (my.tablotv.com). The audio of what you’re watching still is heard, but you can scroll through the Live TV guide (or recorded shows directory) by activating the down arrow on the right side of the screen. Not available in all platforms.

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Hey @TabloTV gang!

Is there any update on this? This would really be an awesome feature to have!!

Thanks for all the great work!

It’s out now for the Roku! Other platforms in the works.

Most awesome! Hoping a Amazon Firestick App coming soon! :grin:

Same here. Need some FireTV love!

It’s hard to think of the Fire TV Stick (UI) and love in the same sentence.