Feature Request List

After using my Tablo 4th Gen 4 Tuner for ~4 months, I have the following suggestions/feature requests:

• A deleted items/trash folder, and/or a “Are You Sure” confirmation when deleting recordings. As it stands now, if I hit delete that recording is gone. If I do that by accident, then I am just out of luck.

• Consistency of functionality across apps. I’ve noticed that the android app has features I can’t access on my Roku. For example, the Android app will tell me that a channel won’t load because of weak signal strength. The Roku app just says “Playback error”. That information would be useful in the Roku app, so I would know what the error was.

• The ability to change channels and access the guide without backing out of the program I am currently watching.

• The ability to access my device remotely. It would be nice to at least be able to view my recordings, access settings, or schedule recordings when I am away from home.

• It would be nice if I could still access live TV and my recordings, even if your servers go down. It seems pointless to have a 2-week buffer of guide data if the device won’t continue to function if it can’t connect to your servers.

• There needs to be a way to access my recordings, or back them up to another drive in the event I want to increase my storage size or replace the drive. As it stands now I lose all of my recordings if I decide to replace my 2TB drive with a larger one.

• It would be nice to have the thumbnail previews at the bottom of the screen when in rewind/fast forward while in live TV or recording in progress.

• When watching from the Library there should be options for “Resume playback” and “Watch from beginning”.

• For scheduled recordings in the Library, it would be nice if there were a way to switch the view to see what was coming up by date.

• There was a Windows app for previous versions of the Tablo – it would be nice to have Windows 10/11 apps for the 4th Gen Tablo.

I realize that the app isn’t up to a full 1.0 version release yet, and the priority is bug fixes. These are features that I have encountered with other devices/apps that would be nice to see implemented to make the user experience nicer.

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Nice centralized list. Several of the items you mention, previews while a recording is in progress as an example, won’t be possible because of how the previews are generated.

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