Feature Request - iOS / AppleTV Bulk mark watched/delete/protect options

It would be great if I could select an entire season of a show and mark all the episodes as watched? All too often, a show will continue to display a “New Episode” available tag, when it’s just the last 20sec of the episode was already watched?

Similarly, an option to delete all “segmented recordings” in a selected season would be a great thing to make spring cleaning tasks easier?

It’s really easy for these to begin to add up, especially on my parents Tablo? I can go one episode at a time and tap “mark watched” but this can take up to an hour if I haven’t been able to check for these episodes, that all only have 90-10sec remaining, for a week or so?

Or, if there was a way to check a box next to each episode and in the “Options” select Mark Selected as Watched, or Delete all selected episodes? Again, something like this would make Tablo spring cleaning tasks easier?

It would also be great to be able to protect all the episodes of a selected season with a click?


Have a great day!