FCC To Vote On 'Broadcast Internet' Services


Carr Announces Plan to Advance Broadcast Internet Services

  • Full Title: FCC To Vote On Carr’s Plan To Advance ‘Broadcast Internet’ Services


These Broadcast Internet services are enabled by a new broadcast
transmission standard known as ATSC 3.0 and delivered over an efficient one-to-many architecture.
“Broadcast Internet services are poised to offer a new and competitive broadband pipe,” Commissioner
Carr stated. “These services can leverage the power and coverage of broadcast television spectrum to
deliver high-speed, 25 Mbps Internet services,” Carr added.

For the most part, everyone seems to already knows what ATSC 3.0 was/is going to be… and can’t wait – “I want my new tablo now”

– does any one really know what it might look like or be someday?