Favorites Bug - Survey

I’ve had a persistent issue with displaying Favorite Channels in the program guide. Others have also noted the problem.

Problem Description

On my Tablo app (running on an ONN 4K streaming device; the problem also occurred on my older Firestick 4K) when I select Favorites from the guide, then current programming information will not show up for all channels. These will show “Programming Not Available” instead. The number of missing channels varies. The channels without programming information are always at the bottom of the list.

My Question

Is anyone running a similar setup seeing this work correctly? I can’t get a feel for how widespread the problem is – the fact that the bug has persisted across multiple app versions and multiple streaming devices leads me to believe it’s widespread, but maybe not.

Random Snark

This seems like it would be an easy feature to implement. When showing All Channels I see all programming guide info. Favorites is just a subset of that “All” list. Favorites “knows” what channels I’ve selected as favorite, and it clearly has the guide info for those channels, but for some unfathomable reason it can’t seem to put the two together.

I would love this feature, if it would only work.

I don’t use the Favorites option often, but I tried it and recreated the condition you described. I tested on a Hisense Google TV.

@DocTechnical, this issue is known by Tablo. Somebody reported it in November 2023, and Tablo responded that “this is a known issue, but we’re hoping to improve it as soon as we can!” Here is the link:

By the way, I can reproduce the issue on my ONN streaming device. The workaround for the issue is to toggle from “Favorites” to “All Channels”, scroll through all the channels until they load guide data, then toggle back to “Favorites”. (Another option is to use a competing product – which is the route that I recently took, partly because of my impatience in Tablo resolving known bugs like this one.)

The problem is the Android app as it works fine on my AppleTV devices.

@ohiobob, Thanks for the workaround! That seems to do the trick. Hopefully this bug will eventually get fixed.