Fast live TV Startup

It doesn’t matter if I have Fast TV Startup unabled or not, it’s always very slow. Any ideas would be appreciated.

How slow? How many tuners do you have, and are you tuning to a channel you have not tuned to recently? If you’re going to a channel that is not currently active on any tuner, 5-6 seconds is normal.

You need to specify what load time you are seeing and what device you are using.

tablo uses the devices native video player. And since tablo recordings and live TV are in HLS format the specific device video player decides how much needs to be buffered(pre-loaded) to ensure there is no buffer underflow. My roku’s are 12-14 seconds for initial channel load while fire sticks might be faster.

That’s about how long it’s taking. I’m using my Tablo Dual with a Roku sound bar. It just seemed so much faster when I first bought my Tablo. Thanks very much for your response.

The fast live tv startup setting is more for buffering issues not so much for speed. An excerpt from a reply posted by TabloSupport:

That said, there really isn’t too much to this feature. With fast live TV startup enabled, the Tablo sends fewer segments to its devices and starts the stream earlier. For some networks and devices, this buffer is too small, and can lead to buffering - in some cases, it never recovers.

The speed is often determined by network topology and congestion. The device you “watching” with, it’s doing the processing once it gets the stream from the tablo. How many different shows are being steamed and to a lesser degree, how many are being recorded. The above referenced post goes on discussing network speed and Roku bitrate.

Even a TV tuner seems to take 2-3 seconds to change channels, then transcoding, buffering a couple seconds… steam over a home network, next device to process video. A few seconds, which is too long just going through channels