FAST gone on 4th gen

I’m in the Dallas Texas area

On ROKU/Live, scroll past the ota chans to the FAST. The FAST channel logo is there but no guide program description.

Android Mobile/Live, scrolling stops at end of ota chans. The FAST chans are gone.

Warning, humor ahead.

Gen 4 now uses weather conditions to help securely obtain location. And for now, we (Dallas) are Canada.

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I have to wonder how many weeks/months it will take for them to fix it

Everything is there on both my roku and android tablet. Could this be a case of the missing FAST channels that was previously reported. Where previous scanned FASt channels disappear. And a rescan might make them reappear.

I’m still trying to get Shows, Movies, and Sport menus to appear on my android tablet.

Shows, movies and sports are all there under Home. We are forced to scroll down to search by category. Sports is the easiest to find under Upcomming live sports,