Fast forward without pause/Scrubbing on iPad client

Just got a Roku and tried the Tablo channel on it. I’m now understanding why people like the Scrubbing feature for recordings; it’s very handy. I still think it would be useful to offer both fast forward/reverse and then immediately play with one key combination, and jump forward or back with pause on another set of keys; right now both the FF and REW keys and the “arrow” keys on the controller do the same thing. For jumping over commercials, I often find 6 rapid presses of the Forward key (with play) are still better than scrubbing until I see the video of the program show up.

Would it be possible to offer scrubbing when pausing live TV as opposed just just pre-recorded content? How about on tablet clients like the iPad?

I noticed today that if you record a show while you are watching it that the frames in the scrubber are blank, which suggests that they are added after the recording is complete.

Correct. The preview thumbnails are created AFTER the recording has completed. If a tuner is available at that time it will be used to process the recording and add the preview thumbnails. Otherwise, it will happen the next time a tuner is available.

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In progress recordings do not have FF preview thumbnails. As stated above, they are only created after the recording is completed.