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Just hooked my Tablo 4 tuner back up after being off line for over a year and was very happy to see a Thumbnail as I fast forward a show. Very useful as I was able to see and go to the exact end of the commercials. Then yesterday it was gone. Do I just need to reboot the Tablo or was it removed for some reason. I’m running the app on my FireTV.

Same recording or a different one? I believe it would depend on when the show was recorded. Once the recording is complete if a tuner is available it will create the thumbnails.

Also 2.2.18 has a lot of added features so be sure you are up to date.

Noting that 2.2.18 is currently in “roll out”… you’ll see the update is available when it has been rolled out to you.

Are you saying the recording of the show has to be complete or you wont see the thumbnails? Although I think that is dumb, this could explain why I am just seeing the blank thumbnail.

Correct. The thumbnails are created AFTER the recording has completed and they are generated by using another of the tuners, assuming one is open, to process the file and generate them. Note the open tuner requirement, that’s why you may not see them immediately after a recording finishes if you have all of the tuners in use at that time.

Got it, thank you - love the DVR, why better than it was a year ago!!

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Preview thumbnail creation occurs after a recording successfully completes.
This takes a couple minutes for every 30 minutes of recording.
Preview thumbnail creation will not occur for recordings that fail to complete for any reason.
Reasons for failed recording completion are the signal gets too weak for the channel being recorded, or the Tablo crashes during the recording.

However, recently, a recording can successfully complete, and preview thumbnails are created, but FF or RW during playback can display a few blank preview thumbnails that will not display properly unless you exit the playback and resume playback.

For anyone who stumbles upon this in the future… Everything you ever wanted to know about fast forward previews is here: