Fast forward freezing

When we record a show and then are trying to fast forward, it freezes up

Does playback without fast forwarding lock up?

What device(s)?

Roku 3rd Generation
Tablo DVR model Spvr2-01-NA
WD Elements External Hard Drive

NO only FF

Wondering if it could be a hard drive issue, maybe try another hard drive temporarily (or USB thumb drive - I know it’s not “supported” but good enough for a short test).

Weak power supply?

Yes my roku 3 and 4210 lock up using FF. It’s worse using 2X and 3X FF then 1X FF. Started with rokuos 11.5. Usually if you wait long enough the video player comes back to life. Happens more on longer recordings and if you have been doing playback a long time.

I have a Roku 2 (4210x) that does the same. Usually only happens after 30 minutes in on an hour long recording, so the 3rd commercial break or so. I’ve never waited for it to recover, I can usually get back to the Roku home screen after a little bit of delay (makes a crunchy garbled sound we I do it).

I think the hardware just isn’t up for the job as well. It says these 3rd gen devices came out in 2015 per Wikipedia. I don’t have this issue with my 2020 Roku Ultra (9th gen).

@Ilikeredplums , thanks so much for the info. I plan to upgrade soon.

My bet is not enough memory. Of course my wired 4210 has the problem less then the wifi 4200. But I use the 4200 more.

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