Far away channels not showing up on TV Guide

I recently went a bit overboard with my cutting the cord and picked up two Spectrum directional antennas and I am pointing one towards Baltimore and the other to DC (I live between the two cities). With this setup I am picking up some channels from York Pennsylvania and when I get my pre-amp I will most likely pick up some more channels from Philadelphia. My problem is the TV guide is not showing what is coming on those channels. Right now channels 8-1 (WGLA), 8-2 (WGAL-DT) and 39.1(WPMT) are always showing a blank. I have given it almost a week to update the TV guide with no luck. Is it perhaps because they are so far away from me?

The Tablo has preset channels in its guide for each zip code. If you happen to have a strong enough signal to pick up channels outside what is normal for your zip code, no guide data will be there.

What you can do is submit a ticket to Tablo Support, and they will add those channels to your zip code so you can get the guide data.

Ok, I figured it was something like that. Was hopping their guides would be based on the channel designation like WGLA etc. instead of zipcode based. As it stands right now it seems like I am piking up a few channels that are about 70 to 80 miles from me. Will wait till I get my pre-amp before I submit the ticket though.

For the time being you can look at http://www.titantv.com for the schedule, and they let you create a custom guide if you register. You can search by call letters or station name. You can also add channels that stream live, such as BYUTV. Then you can schedule manual recordings.

@Lothos - Once you’ve got your uber setup finalized, just put a ticket in with the channels you’re missing and the zip code you’re using and we’ll get that patched up for you.

@TabloTV Is there any particular reason the guide can’t just show the program data for any channel it encounters? I assume there is some behind-the-scenes reason you have to put it in manually, but my TV fills in guide data for the channels it finds and it doesn’t even ask for a postal/zip code.

@MarcCharette - Our guide data provider has a database that is filed by zip code. They anticipate which channels will be available within that zip code. However, there are times (newer developments or better than average reception) when this does not match with the channels actually available in that location.

The reason why your TV does this but we don’t is that our guide data is much more robust than what is available for free via the broadcast feeds.

Can’t the guide provider go by the station call letters and station number combo? The only problem I can see is some, like 36-2 puts CoziTV and others like 7-2 just leave the call letters.

Ok need to figure out how to open a ticket, I was able to get 61 OTA channels (including sub-channels) using two directional antennas with a coupler. I was hopping to get more but I think I would need better equipment to do it. Unfortunately only got one channel from York Pennsylvania. Wish I had more!

I believe I just submitted the ticket.

The ticket link is in the top right corner of the Knowledge Base http://support.tablotv.com/hc/en-us

Its done, I almost got you guys some free press today on 107.3 radio station. They where asking about cutting the cord and I was in the que to talk but they ran out of time!!! UGH!!!

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Maybe next time @Lothos. The thought is what counts though. Much appreciated.

This ticket has been open almost 3 weeks now to add these channels. What is the return time for tickets?

@Lothos - I’ve asked the support team to provide an update for you today. Generally channels are added within 7-10 business days so it should not be taking this long.

It looks like the guide data was added last week, @Lothos. Can you confirm, or is it still missing on your end? Make sure you’re using the same zip code on your Tablo as you did when you submitted the ticket.

Zip code is the same, but the guide data is still not showing up. The Tablo guide says it was updated 16 hours ago but still not seeing the guide for the channels that I mentioned in the ticket.

You could always try changing the location on your Tablo to a different zip code, then change it back to yours. Then rescan your channels. That will force the Tablo to fetch all new data for your channels.

Rescanning does not cause you to lose your scheduled recordings.

I have tried a few things now and it is still not working, these channels still are not showing any guide data.