Fan for Tablo, keep it cooler

Can anyone point me to a decently priced laptop fan of some sort to help keep the Tablo cooler.

Posting a link is fine.

I am asking because tonight I was watching a recording and I got Tablo cannot be found message.

I unplugged the device, plugged it back in and it seems to be fine. But I’d like to avoid an ongoing heat issue if possible.

I’ll keep an eye on it going forward, I’m just hoping it’s not something that will continue going forward.


I ordered the DEEPCOOL WIND PAL MINI Laptop Cooling Pad 15.6" Slim Design 140mm Silent Fan Blue LED from Newegg US for 9.99 with free shipping. I set my Tablo quad and 2TB Seagate usb portable drive on top of it and plugged it in. It makes NO noise and very little breeze …but my Table is now just barely warm to the touch and before it was HOT - 90++. And my HD seems to be just fine up there…so far. I have portable drive so the usb is drawing some power = more heat. My setup has been running for over 2yrs with almost no problems. (and I DO believe some problems described in this form are due to overheating)

Now I know that they say that 90+ is normal for the unit, but I have always found that cooler electronics seem to last longer. Cheers, :smiley:

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Thanks if anyone has any other suggestions, I am open to them.

If not by tomorrow morning, I’ll order this one if it’s available.


Some people recommend just a small wire rack to keep it elevated for air flow. That might also work if you don’t want the fan noise. Some person was selling them on eBay at one time.

Alot of us have had good cooling results by turning the Tablo on its side, but it should be placed where it has good airflow.

This one worked well for me:
Good luck!

If you can stand it up on its side, that is recommended.

I can stand it on the side but it’s on the desk in my office.

I am worried someone will knock it over. Wife or kids most likely… that’s why I was considering a fan.

Wire rack, that’s fancy. I used a couple of cans I pulled out of recycling (washed and removed the labels). I’m not sure I recommend my solution, but the Tablo seams a bit cooler to the touch.

I went into the garage and found an old piece of 1 inch x 1 inch wood. Cut two sections of appropriate length and put them under the edges of the tablo.

But what makes you think you have a heat problem? I’ve been seeing an increase in the number of tablo not found(and I have 2) coming from my 4200 Roku 3 connected via 5Ghz WiFi. It usually clears in 2-3 minutes. But not always. The last one also affected other OTT apps. I cleared it by rebooting the Roku. But I tend to surf around between my two tablos and other OTT apps.

Overheating seemed to a common issue reported with this problem or simply rebooting the Tablo. So I figured if I am rebooting it, I may as well look into something that might keep the unit cooler.

Don’t get me wrong, it was hot, but not any hotter than it has been since I set it up.

I also replaced my cable modem on Saturday and it could have been related to that for some reason as well.

Really just keeping my options open.

One thing to do is try a number of various apps to see if any of them discover the tablos. I’ve seen cases where the WEB can’t find the tablos but multiple Roku’s have no problem.

Everything works fine on Apple TV, web app.

It was just the one time this came up and a restart fixed it. At least I think so. And I was hoping it was something simple.