Failure to add GetTV subchannel in St. Louis to the program guide

I have a 4 tuner unit and live in the St. Louis area.  In July, one of our locals, Channel 30 (actually UHF channel 31) added the GetTV channel of classic movies from Sony and reactivated channel 30.2 to show it.  No amount of channel scans finds this channel, only the main 30.1 ABC feed.  I can see it on my TV, why won’t Tablo locate it and let me add it to the program guide?

It is because it isn’t in their program guide for your area code.  Just submit a support ticket, and the Tablo folks will get it added.

@NowWhat - Snowcat is right as usual. @TabloSupport will get that patched up for you. 

Thanks.  Submitting a support ticket now.

@NowWhat We’ve had two users report this. Sounds like our guide data provider wasn’t made aware of the change - we hope to have this resolved quickly. 

Yeah, I submitted the other ticket.  30-2 GET-TV is missing from Tablo but shows up on my TV scan.  Thanks for taking care of us Tablo!

The fix works! Thanks much!

@tablosupport I would be love to try out the fix.

Were you able to get Tablo to get Get-TV?  I still cannot.

I also am having a problem with GET-TV guide data missing (along with its parent HD channel) I submitted a ticket as well.

@NowWhat - Can you get 30-2 now?  Anyone else in the St. Louis area, can you pick up 30-2 on Tablo now?  

@byb:  Unfortunately, no.  I have submitted this to support and they assure me that it is being dealt with and to just be patient as these things can take time.

I wanted to record a movie tonight from this channel.  Does anyone know a way to force Tablo to tune a channel that doesn’t appear in the program guide?

OK, I haven’t gotten it either and they were trying to say I should be getting it now so it must be a reception issue on my end.  I pick up every channel including 30-2 on my built in TV tuner, but if I switch that antenna to the tablo I get every channel except 30-2.  Seems like that can’t be a reception issue to me.

So that makes me feel a little better that someone else isn’t getting it either…if that makes sense. Hopefully they’ll get it resolved soon.

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We've been able to capture some video from GET-TV in order to test this and see what's going on.

It seems as though the broadcaster (GET-TV) is using a different format of video that the Tablo isn't able to process at the moment. This is a relatively new feed, and we've never seen this issue before - which is why we initially thought this was a reception issue.

That being said, since we've captured the raw video from this feed, our engineers are looking into this now so that we can incorporate this format in a way that it's playable to the Tablo.

I apologize for the long turn around time on this - now that we've identified the issue, we'll have a fix for this as soon as we can.

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Ya, the deleted TCN (30.3) channel caused the PSIP parser to fail.  Fixed.  Channel 30.2 (Get-TV) now shows up.  Looks like a pretty good channel too.  You can wait for the next release, (couple of weeks maybe?) or bug support for a quick patch.  David is going to kill me…

@byb @NowWhat @ericgus

Well there you have it, folks! Looks like Allan was able to get this fixed. As he mentioned above, feel free to contact me at the support address if you’d like a quick patch. If not, this will be included in the next release.

@ericgus Just sent you an email with the steps to give us access :slight_smile:

Ok … as of 4:37pm EST I have not got the email yet…  …  (20 mins after your post above) …