Failled recording even though i was watching it live

So Today i set a show to record (from ios app) and it showed the orange little logo in the livetv grid … then an hour later while the show was still running/recording i started watching it(from the livetv section) for like 30m (show was still going). Later in the day i went to watch the parts i missed now that the show was over but much to my disapointment in the recorded section the play arrow was greyed out/line through it. 

So what am i doing wrong and why would that happen

@crichardso Can you send me a ticket using the support form?

If you can, fill out all the fields - there’s lots of info there that will help me get to the bottom of this quickly. Thanks!

I have had this happen also.  Started watching a show that was scheduled to record.  After I finished watching, I went back to watch the beginning and it evidently canceled the recording. My case was using the Roku app.

I had this happen as well from the Roku app.  My issue was slightly different in that I started watching the program in the Roku app from the beginning from my Recordings tab.  The recording did not grey out, it just stopped recording from the time I started playing it.  So a 2 hr show completed at 48 min ( about the time I started watching the recording ).  Why would watching the recording from the beginning while the show is still recording cancel it?

@guck11 I love it when someone posts exactly what I experienced as well. I also started watching the recording of a show that was still recording, only to find the recording stopped 19 minutes in (about when I started watching it). This happened to me around 3 weeks ago and has changed my behavior with Tablo ever since… never do anything with an episode that is recording. 

It shouldn’t be that way. This will be a BIG issue once football season starts. Can you imagine the fury of football fans using Tablo! I’m already getting worked up!