Failed to load. Item not found

Why am I seeing this error? I’m trying to record a program and this pops up. It’s a new gen 4. That particular error message is from iOS. But I get a similar message on the Fire TV app. The programs are premieres in the next week. No matter how I access, either through the guide/grid or a search. It gives me an error message. Now it doesn’t do it for all the programs. But it is doing it on 2 shows trying to record, Hell’s Kitchen and Amazing Race. For those 2 shows it will only let me record the one episode. The error messages occur when I attempt to record the series. Also, I don’t know what FAST is.

You didn’t say if this was a legacy tablo ir a gen 4. Or what OS android or IOS.

And if it was gen 4 did you try to record from Live(the grid) or the Shows, Movies, Sports list. And if the program you tried to record was OTA or FAST. I know that on Roku you get this all the time for FAST channels except you get no message. But you do get the blue screen and the spinning wheel of death.

I can only assume there has been some change on how or if the guide is loaded on the app’ device.

I edited to include additional details.

I’m on my IOS iPad app, first time user and I’m getting this error right now. I saw anorthef thread that said to click on the channel instead whih does work. Surprised that the same bug still exists