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Let’s get real here. When your software fails, we DIE. When Tablo software fails, I may miss a recording. But I will thank you for your fine work in aircraft avionics software and really glad that you do good work for all of us. 3.6 yr Tablo user and very happy with product. Cheers

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I think that’s a little harsh. There is a world of difference between your software that is either designed to keep people alive to 6 sigma (or perhaps kill enemies to the same degree of certainty) and a simple OTA DVR recorder. Would you care to share your manpower levels and budget? I’m sure the entire Tablo setup could fit into a rounding error of your numbers.

Also, how frequently do you roll out updates?


@Jason_Clevenger, @sodaman_2000, @Bardel, I think this says it all.

And IMHO, that’s the best indicator of support by a company/person, and is probably more valuable than any initial quality assessment.

(well, unless the Tablo bug is actually killing puppies or something…)

No puppies were harmed in the making of this bug.

It was simply human error and like all mistakes we make, we try to learn from them so they don’t happen again. (At least not in quite the same way.)

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So wait, you joined the forums specifically to make one of your 2 total posts with a comment like that?

For those of us that have been around a while that’s kinda ironic when the issue you are complaining about is one that actually has a workaround.

How long have you had your Tablo? To make a comparison like you did without having read more of the forums seems a bit on the trollish side.

Kinda curious as to what caused this failure. My Tablo was working great on Apple TV up until sometime late last week (11 thru 15 Dec).

Did Apple TV or Tablo push a software update?

(I’m new to the Apple TV world and don’t know if Apple automatically pushes updates)

Hoping someone at Tablo can provide the pathology.

BTW, I’ve been running Tablo for about a month now and I’m pleased with the way it works on Apple TV (I just bought a new 4th gen).

Hi everyone!

A fix is now on its way to the App Store in the latest Tablo app version (v1.4.2). You can choose to update the app immediately on your Apple TV to resolve the issue, but most devices should auto-update within 24 hours.

Apologies again for the inconvenience.

I just downloaded the update of the Tablo app (12/20/17, 5:45pm ET) and it is working great! Thanks, Tablo Gang!

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