Failed to Decode Audio

My Dual HDMI is connected to a Yamaha RX-V4A receiver. When watching Live TV, I turn off the receiver. Turn the receiver back on and the Tablo displays “Failed to Decode Audio” with a blurb and two buttons — [Retry Playback] and [Cancel]. The former immediately shows the channel you were viewing. The latter provides the [Watch] or [Record Episode] buttons and some scheduling options as if you selected the channel from the guide.

The blurb states there “…is a problem with the audio track on this video which is usually caused by poor reception.” Yet all the channels I have activated show five green circles.

This also happens when playing back a recording and turning off the receiver.

Anyone else get this?

I have a Tablo Dual HDMI connected to an LG TV. Whenever the TV so turned off for any length of time, I get the Failed to Decide Audio message. This happens regardless of signal strength.

I have an LG OLED and that has the option to keep the TV in a 'sleep" state rather than completely turning off. If you have that setting, try changing it - might make a difference and easy to try!

Yup, I get the same error, always have.

It’s an absolute pain in the rear.

Learn to live with it, Table isn’t going to fix it…