Failed Recordings - Warning: Recording shorter than expected

I tried searching for the subject, so I apologize in advance if this has already been covered.

I have a Table 4 Tuner model.  Antenna is in the attic - five green dots for all channels.

I have several “Failed Recordings” that all have the same error message: "Warning: recording shorter than expected."

This happens on different channels (at least 3), at different times and days (5pm, 8pm, 1:00am), with different shows.  One particular show, the 1:00am recoding, this happens it appears almost every day - or at least 5 days in a row a couple weeks ago.  Not since.

None of these times or recording failures should be due to lack of an available tuner - especially the 1:00am time slot, that’s the only thing recording.  I haven’t run through each episode to see what else I might have been recording, but we don’t record that many shows.

Is this just a random thing?  I cannot tell if this is a Tablo issue, an antenna issue, or a station issue.  I am leaning towards Station or Tablo since my reception seems great (5 green dots) for all stations.  Ideas?  Suggestions?

Get Tablo to pull your logs to look at it. Open a support ticket.

Could be a hard drive disconnect issue. Tablo randomly rebooting even though it is supposed to resume recordings if it does.

@bwshockley This is a bug in the error reports being sent out. We’ve identified this as an issue, and a fix will be pushed out to the apps to display the correct messaging.

In short, any ‘unrecognized error’ or ‘shorter that expected’ message you receive related to reception. One thing to note: the signal strength meters you see in the Settings tab are not live. 

They don’t reflect any changes in your reception, just what the signal was like at the time of your initial scan. You can get an updated look at your reception by doing a rescan at any time (Settings > Edit channel lineup > Rescan).


Yeah, I’m following you.  I have rescanned my channels several times since installing my Tablo (days and weeks apart - different weather, etc).  Each time the signal strength is exactly the same.  I rescanned just before posting the OP of this thread in case.

So, I’m starting to think those errors were times when the station dropped off for one reason or another.  :)

Thanks for the responses.

I noticed that I lost two recordings on my 4 tuner unit of James Corden that is recorded at 1:37 to 2:37 Atlantic Time. I just rechecked my signal strength and get 5 dots. Almost makes one wonder if perhaps the station does something funny at this time, or if there is some characteristic of this show that causes the Tablo to misfire.