Failed recordings during web app playback

I have a 2 tuner, and scheduled 2 recordings for the same time.  Both failed. Weather, signal strength, HD space aren’t an issue. I did watch a show during this time via the web app over my local network (so, I didn’t think a tuner would be required to up convert). 

My questions:
1) Can I watch a recording over my home network using the web app and record 2 shows?
2) If not, why would both shows not be recorded?  I understand that a scheduling conflict was maybe created, but Tablo should be able to pick one show (even if arbitrary) to record.  Ideally, a priority schedule should be created so that it would know which to prioritize.

The failure rate, spooling/updating time, and lag are only increasing with my Tablo, making this a less and less enjoyable purchase.

  1. Yes, that usually works fine.  I tried it this morning with no issues.

    2. It was a glitch.  You probably want to reboot the Tablo just to be safe.