Fail to connect through Peplink router

I can’t get my Tablo to connect remotely through my Peplink mini br1.
I can stream any other apps on the firestick, but not the tablo app.
I also can’t connect to tablo on my phone through the peplink.

Remotely as in outside of the WAN port? Through Peplink InTouch?
Is the Tablo hardwired in or wirelessly connected?

My Legacy Tablo is at my house hardwired to my Verizon Fios internet.
I have remote viewing set up, & can access on my phone via Verizon cell service anywhere.
I can also connect via firestick thru any other wifi except the peplink router, whether connecting via verizon sim card, or Starlink that is connected to the peplink via ethernet into the WAN port.
I can connect directly to the Starlink router via it’s wifi.