Factory Resetting Tablo

After much troubleshooting I’ve given up and reset my Tablo Dual to Factory settings. The antenna is connected to the Tablo via coaxial cable. I’ve been asked to enter my zip code. It attempts to scan for channels comes up with 0/0 channels found. The OTA antenna has not been moved and there were numerous channels found previously

What was the issue you failed to resolve?

Maybe a factory reset wasn’t the answer to resolve your issue. :frowning:

Whether attempting to reset to factory setting wasn’t the answer is a non-issue now. That being said I am unable to tell if the Tablo has actually reset or not. I’m using the instructions on Tablo’s website. Sorry to say they are rather vague. I made my attempts last night in actuality very early this morning. I stopped when I was asked to enter my zip code so there could be a channel scan. The channel scan was unsuccessful finding 0/0 channels. Message I received was "make sure the ota antenna is connected correctly. The cable it connected to the jack in the was then is connected to the jack in the back of the Tablo. I tried entering the zip code again this morning with the same results. Currently I’m calling Tablo Customer Service tech support. I don’t know if they are even available due to the pandemic, guess I’ll find out shortly. Thank you for replying.

Respectfully disagree, cuz the original problem may be contributing to this new problem.

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A factory reset should not be attempted as a troubleshooting step and should only be done as a last resort by someone who knows what they’re doing.

Did you catch this warning? -not for trouble shooting- “given up” unlikely equals “knows what they’re doing”

https://support.tablotv.com/hc/en-us/articles/207989853 Steps 1 - 4 are explicit reboot, remove drive, reboot, hold button +7 seconds – wait it out 5 - 7 go to web page, follow setup, attach drive. Again, I refer you to the warning.

If it doesn’t have a zip code, that would be a sign of a reset, recall warning.

“stopped what it asked for zip code so there could be a channel scan” Try entering a zip code so there can be a channel scan.

use current location or enter one > begin scan

Try attaching to coax cable directoy to your TV as a test. Then scan for channels in the TV menu. Is the TV able to find live channels? If not, there may be a problem with your antenna, your antenna cabling, or your signal amplifier, if you have one.

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Thank you for the tip. The antenna, Tablo, tv, Amazon Fire Stick are all working correctly. I talked with a Tablo tech, working from home, after describing what I was attempting to do, he said Resetting to factory settings was the correct thing to do because it appears the Fire Stick and/or the Tablo had been corrupted. He assisted me in completing the reset and starting over like new. One of the problems affecting scanning for available channels is I live more than 40 miles from the towers. It took a while to work with that eventually everything was back to new. A new problem is my Tablo or the Fire Stick appears to not like the recent updates. Nor do I, extremely difficult to manuver guessing because I was so used to the was prior to updates. I continue to receive error messages when I try to do anything: watch live tv (which I never do because of the numerous ads). So I’m going to reach out to Tablo tech support around noon today for help on that or those issues. I’m hoping they can show me how to return to pre update status, if that’s possible.
I really appreciate all the suggestions from this forum.

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