Factory reset not working

I am having no luck trying to remove 26 blue tabs of the same show on my recordings list.
I would like to do a factory reset to clear the list. I have a tablo Quad 1TB and the tablo app is on a roku.
Can someone walk me through a reset. I tried holding down the blue reset button until the blue light was solid but nothing happened.

How to Factory Reset your Tablo When Using USB/SATA Storage – Tablo (tablotv.com)

@catmando786 Hi there, is it possible we could help you figure out your original problem, preventing the need to factory reset? It’s generally a last resort as all recordings and schedules are wiped.

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yes that would be great!

@catmando786 Great, can you describe the exact issue you’re having in as much detail as possible?

On the recordings/all screen there are 26 blue boxes of Exation Estados Unidos mundial. My wife was trying to record this series. There are no recordings on any of these.You can not delete them.
These were also on the Scheduled screen but I was able to delete them there.
I have a tablo quad 1TB S/N GL Q03168534 I use a roku to my tv that is on my wifi. The tablo is connected to the router by a cat-6.

Those sound like all individually created manual recordings. A few additional questions:

  1. Do you see a lighter blue triangle in the top right corner of any of them with a number? Or are the just solid dark blue boxes with the title and nothing else?
  2. What happens when you select one? Do you see any options at the bottom to choose from, like Watch Next or Delete?
  1. solid dark blue boxes with title and nothing else.
  2. Yes there are options at the bottom. You could add data to them if you wanted but you cannot delete them.

Resetting a older Tablo can be one of the worst experiences around :rofl: and you will probably have to end up trying to do it 2-3-4x before it actually works. When I sold my Tablo Quad, resetting it was a nightmare and no simple way to do it like every other device made, a simple reset link in the app.

Press this, unhook that, rehook this, wait overnight for this to happen??? Horrible. :rofl:

What do the buttons at the bottom say? Are you able to post a picture by any chance?

The buttons at the bottom say everything a normal recordings box would say. The only difference is that there is nothing programed on them and when you press delete nothing happens.

yea…I am finding that out. I am now thinking to get the new one.
Thanks for the reply

Can you let me know the exact buttons you see?

Also, do you see a little down arrow at the very bottom of the screen? It looks like a wide V. If you do, try press the down directional button on the Roku remote.

The selections are record none options, episodes, watch next, more, delete.
None of them work.
by the way Thank you for your help