Extremely Slow Tablo Performance

I have the 4 tuner Tablo with 1tb hard drive. It is wired by ethernet to my Netgear gigabit switch. My router is a Netgear Orbi RBK53.

I have had nothing but issues with the Tablo starting when I canceled the subscription version. Everything went from a perfect working system to… extremely Slow performance.

It takes over a minute for Tablo app to load on ANY device. It’s worse on Roku but the problem is also on my Sony Android TV, Samsung phone, Fire TV… everywhere.

It takes the App about a minute and a half to load. Once the app loads, sometimes it just freezes when trying to get to the recorded or live TV menu. If I’m lucky enough to get there and I click to watch live TV, it takes another 45 seconds to start showing video. Then sometimes, it times out in the middle of watching a show and I have to re-click on the channel and wait another 45 secs to resume watching.

Sometimes the local channels all over sudden stop working due to “weak antenna signal”. I have replaced the antenna same issue. Rescanning sometimes will find 54 channels sometimes 84 channels. I’ve also tried moving the antennas outside the house, inside in the attic, closer to the window, inside closets, doesn’t make a difference.

I’ve swapped network cables, swapped network ports, changed from my Cisco enterprise switch to the netgear consumer switch, moved the Tablo to different rooms, reset the Tablo to factory defaults…still problem persists.

Right now it’s so bad, it’s useless. Any help will be highly appreciated.

Two things come to mind. Either the power supply or the hard drive. Try removing the hard drive and then try watching live tv. If the problem goes away you could swap in a new hard drive. You could also see if you have a compatible power supply lying around. I did and I know others have too or you could buy one from Tablo: Replacement Power Supply | Over The Air (OTA) DVR | Tablo . You can search both topics on this forum to learn more.


Thanks. I just ordered a new power supply. I will remove the hard drive for now.

Did you try unistalling/reinstalling the apps form your streaming devices? Not sure if anything will change for you, but it’s worth a try. IMO, this is a great troubleshooting step when things get weird with your apps (any apps).