Extremely short, multiple recordings

Recently my internal 1TB HD failed in my Quad, I replaced it with a 1TB SATA internal solid state drive with the same read/write specs as the original HD (6 GB/S). Now I get 4 recordings of a show ranging from 1 minute (or less) to 3 minutes in duration. Sometimes I do get a single recording, but the length is much shorter than the show (like 13 minutes of a 30 minute show). This also happened from time to time with the old HD, but now it happens every single time I try to record anything now. I also tried moving the SSD to an external drive case connected via USB and get the same result. Any suggestions? I’d rather not purchase another HD just to wind up with the same issue if the problem is not with the drive itself …

Search the forum for “segmented recordings” and find others encountered this from time to time.

Often it’s supposedly attributed to weak signal. There are some trouble-shooting tips in various posts as it’s not a one-size-fits-all issue. Faster drives have little/no performance with a tablo.

It’s not a weak signal, it also happens on a 1000kW station with the antenna located less than 10 miles from my house. It occurs on every single station and every single recording and live viewing works perfectly. If I try to record while watching live, the recording stops after 30 seconds.

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Some post reference too strong signal. Some suggest trying live TV without the drive and a whole plethora of steps to try.

I believe “weak signal” to be a generic error/fault customer facing code used when something goes wrong. But it’s all we get. There’s one about you having a bad drive with nothing to back it up other than an elusive log entry - running test show no problems.

Again, it’s not a new problems, other have been through it, maybe there are suggestions which may assist you.

Could try another power supply too.

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