External drive swap

I am new here and just jumped in with a 2 tuner to start, but when I jump up to 4 tuner box will I be able to plug the external drive into it and keep my recordings?

I used these instructions yesterday but it didn’t work.
There is at least one point that could use clarification. Should the original Tablo remain on the network when the new one is connected? The article says “At this point, it is transferring your original Tablo’s database to your new Tablo.” which could refer to either the original Tablo or the hard drive.

In my case I did not leave the original Tablo on the network and the new unit came up very quickly - it did not take the “minutes” mentioned.

Note: Recordings cannot be moved from Network Connected Tablo models to TV-Connected Tablo models (and vice versa).”

Your models aren’t different (i.e. network and HDMI) are they?

The database to which it is referring is on the hard drive at that moment, and the process is transferring it to the new Tablo.The length of time it would take to transfer the database depends on how big that database is. If you are like me and don’t keep many recordings and aren’t scheduling hundreds of shows/movies to record, it may not take very long.

If it didn’t work I would contact Tablo. In that case, hopefully you didn’t leave the hard drive connected to the new Tablo overnight…

“PLEASE NOTE: If you run into any issues with the transfer and can’t get it to work, make sure the drive doesn’t remain plugged in to the new Tablo overnight - when Tablo does its nightly maintenance, the drive may get formatted. Just remove the drive and give us a call during support hours for a hand.”

“Your models aren’t different (i.e. network and HDMI) are they?”

Nope. Duo being replaced by Quad.

And no I noted the overnight issue. In fact I reinstated the Duo so I could watch my recordings.

For the benefit of any that come upon this thread …

This morning I tried to check the firmware level on the new (refurbished) unit and it reported that it needed to be updated. So I allowed it to update and then realized I would have to update the old unit so that they matched. Once all that was done I re-tried the migration and this time everything worked as advertised. Other than forcing a firmware update, the only thing I did differently was to have both units connected to the network during the process.

So I have no idea why things worked this time - the only way the firmware would have made a difference is if the new Tablo had been shipped with out-of-date firmware - since it is a refurb unit I suppose that is possible. Alternatively if it was having both units on the network then it would be good if the instructions mentioned that. The way they are written could imply that the old should remain connected but …

Hi @JonAndSusan,

To clarify some details, as mentioned by Nilex, the Tablo database is stored on the hard drive itself, so your old Tablo does not need to be connected during the migration process.

Second, Tablos out of the box (both new and refurnished) have a specific factory firmware release on them that can sometimes be slightly older than the latest firmware available to download, depending on release schedule. And in this case we have a brand new firmware (2.2.40) coming out, so that was likely the culprit as you may have been doing this in the transition period where one unit had the new build and the old one did not or vice versa.

So in this case you did the correct thing by updating your new Tablo and getting it in line with the old one and then doing the migration.

We can certainly also look into updating the documentation to highlight and clarify the items you brought up.

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Just to clarify - the firmware on the “new” unit would have had to be 2 levels behind. My original Duo had not been updated to the latest level until I did it this morning when - as I noted - I updated both units. I am also pretty certain that the Duo was on the release prior to the one that just came out.

When you update the docs you might note that the only reason that I thought the old unit might have to stay on the network is that the instructions are explicit about unplugging the hard drive and very explicit about the sequence of connecting the drive, ethernet and power to the new unit. But it says nothing about disconnecting the ethernet and power on the old unit. I suspect most people would like to be told that they can switch the ethernet to the new unit (unless keeping it active of course) - that would remove any ambiguity.

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