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I have been recording Scorpion. It was scheduled after the NFL AFC championship game. The game went a little long and I knew the show would start after the top of the hour. The end result was I missed the last 5 minutes of the show.

Is there a way to manually add a buffer to the beginning and end of a scheduled recording?


For sports and other live events, the Tablo will automatically extend the recording if you have that checked in the settings (extension is 50% of the original time).  

Unfortunately, there isn’t any way yet to do it for other shows, and there is no way to add time to the beginning of any show.  This is a popular requested feature, but it requires some major changes to the Tablo, so it will likely be a while before it gets implemented.

As a workaround, you can always schedule manual recordings and put in any start and end time you want.

It is probably right in front of me but I can’t figure out how to manually record :frowning:

How embarrassing :frowning:

Thanks for the help

Wow, glad I looked at this one! I also wasn’t able to figure out the way to do manual recordings 

The issue with live events is that they do often go long - so if they assume that to be the case it’s very very shocking to me that they never figured that every show AFTER the live event until the end of the broadcast day (or other adjustments) will also be LONG or end LATE. Isn’t that sort of weird? You know the live thing will go long, so you figure to cover for that, but why not assume that all other shows after will be late, too? Football season does that to all Sunday shows on CBS for weeks and at times the other shows that followed were off by an hour. 
So any football broadcast is going to cause all shows after to be screwed up. So no offense but how can one account for that but forget, ah, won’t ALL shows AFTER that also run late?
It’s like assuming you’ll have a flat tire, so carry a spare, but don’t include a jack. 
Think about it logically.

I, too, am a Scorpion fan (for many reasons) and not only missed the last minutes of the show, the Tablo kept resetting while recording it. I hit record a couple of hours before the time, and while it was recording three times I watched it as the blue LED started flashing fast, then slower, then go solid again. A few minutes later, it did it again! Three times, then it settled down and never did it again. Guess I’ll have to watch for that episode to air again…

@gradman2k3 Glad you got this sorted out. You can always give us a shout directly if you have any other issues :slight_smile:

I’ll wait a few days and then watch it off the CBS website

I would also like the ability to extend scheduled recordings. I watch 60 minutes and it only records half of the show during the NFL season as the games never end on time. Every other DVR I have owned has had the ability to extend scheduled recordings, so I would love to see this feature in Tablo. Manual recording is not a good option because the air time for 60 minutes changes from week to week depending on the sports line up.

Just do a manual recording and add an extra one hour to the timeslot. You’ll always catch the 60 minutes of 60 minutes in the 2 hour period even with NFL games being extended.

Manual recording works as a decent stop gap, but being able to start early and stop late right from the record screen should be added at some point. It’s a typical feature people expect to have. With a decent workaround in place this falls a little further down the priority list for me personally, but it falls in the category of industry standard feature.

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I understand that you can setup manual recordings as a stop gap, but I would like to see Tablo implement some of these basic DVR features that you get with almost any other DVR on the market. Tablo is missing the most basic features that even my crummy cable DVR had 10 years ago.
Can’t extend recordings.
Can’t prioritize shows so that it automatically resolves conflicts.
Can’t limit how many episodes to keep.
Can’t sort episodes so you don’t have to go all the way to the bottom of the list to see new episodes.

I have had the Tablo for almost a year and am disappointed that these basic features have not been addressed.


@TabloTV I didn’t get the end of a few football games recorded recently. I’d love to be able to setup how long we want sports to extend. I think it is too short as of right now.

The Super Bowl only recorded 3.5 hours. That is ridiculous. According to a previous firmware update:

NEW - Auto Extend Live Recordings
Automatically extends recording time for airings marked as ‘live’ (including sports and specials)
When enabled, Tablo will add 50% of the total scheduled time, up to 2 hours
Auto Extend Live will be enabled by default but can be turned off within the Settings tab

That isn’t true. I seriously doubt the listing was for less than 3 hours.

It is true, I have had multiple live TV shows record 90 min for a 60 min show, or 180 min for 120 min show.

The real question is do you have Extend Live Recordings checked off under Smart Scheduling?

Yes I do.

It’s possible that for some reason, those events weren’t marked as live within our guide data… Sometimes things get marked as ‘specials’ instead.

I’ll see if we’re able to pull the data from the Superbowl to confirm…

UPDATE - Our engineering team says that the ‘live’ flag is set/determined by each individual local station so we’d need to access your Tablo to see whether it was set for the recordings you think it missed.

And also note that the ‘extend’ period can be pre-empted by other set recordings if a tuner is needed.

What info do you need from me to look at my Tablo? I’ve sent info in for beta testing, so you should have it.

@faganm24 - The best thing to do is to place a ticket.

That is absolute bull$¥!£, that if the programming is sports or other live events that (if you have the box checked in setup) that it will automatically add time. I have had many such events, have had that crucial box checked, and Tablo has NEVER ONCE added time to a live recording that I was trying to capture,

Now! I have to hand it to the Tablo folks, but these “simple requests” (such as adding time (say … in 15 minute segments) to ANY recording OUGHT to be simple and straight forward! There are MANY such fictions that Tablo should undertake, immediately!!

I will support Tablo as long as I can, as I hand it to this company for giving us tools that, in the early “cord-cutting” days, helped us move on. Thank you Tablo ! But please hurry and catch up now as there are devices such as TIVO that are just waiting in your wings!! Most of us are old TIVO users - we know what’s possible. Please release a product (soon!) that shows us what we NEVER DREAMED was possible. That’s how TIVO did It! Shoot for the moon! … and you will gain my loyalty forever!

Douglas M. Hammett-Lair

The only thing that prevents extra time being added is if you have other shows set to record after the live event, and you have no other tuners available.

Also, this product is very different from TiVo in many ways, some good and some bad.

I think it’s absolutely critical that the ability to set an extended stop time in increments of time per series/recording be added… this is a basic function that every other DVR I’ve ever used has had… setting up manual recordings is an unacceptable work around… this isn’t 1988 with a VCR set to record… add the functionality via the web interface, and then figure out when/if/how to roll it out to various apps… this is such a basic feature I didn’t even imagine Tablo couldn’t do it when i ordered mine… every show on CBS and Fox will be off in football season the ability to adjust stop time.

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