Extend recording if shows/movies are following a live sporting event?

How about an option to extend recording of shows/movies if they follow a live sporting event that might go beyond the schedule time? A clear example was the recording of the new X-Files episode that we only got half of it since it was following the NFL game that went 30 minutes long.


This has been asked by a lot of people :wink:

I actually set the shows after to record so I didn’t miss. But I would be upset if I hadn’t done that


I agree that would be a great feature. I know my crappy comcast DVR offers it. The other option is to set a manual recording on Tablo, but that can be a pain when you are use to just looking up a show and recording the whole series.

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I wont tell you the amount of hatred this instilled in “foosball” when this happened the other night…

A lesson I learned back in the ReplayTV days (which I stupidly forgot to do ) was also set up a one time recording of whatever show followed the X-Files that night… (kicks self)


Would be nice although I have no idea how it could be done. Thursday night football on CBS was another one. And greedy CBS doesn’t make easy to quickly see the parts of the show you missed, at least not The Blacklist. Had to record the Good Wife each week just in case.

This made me angry for the x-files premiere too. All they’d really have to do is have it so if you record a show that follows a live event then add an extra 30 minutes of recording time or something like that. I can’t imagine it would be super hard to do

I think then they’d have to be able to assign a priority to a recorded event. If doing that overlaps with another scheduled show which takes priority? I’d like to be able to pick that’s for sure. An old DVR we used gave that option on a conflict. Would be great if Tablo could offer a way to do that.

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I missed the X-Files part 1 too, but that’s because I forgot to schedule it. . Whoopsie. I think it is supposed to come on again in February.

I think it is a major blunder for networks to schedule high profile shows right after a sporting event that often runs long.

Tablo can detect a live sporting event and extend it, so it must be able, when scheduling a recording, to look for such events before your show/movie and extend it as well if one is detected. Not sure how/when the channel skip ahead to come back on schedule, next show old rerun?

As for recording priority, I have a 4 tuner and that has never happen to me, so not sure how Tablo will handle it.

If I would have realized that a football game was playing before, I would have recorded the following show for sure, but I just clicked on the show to record it in the summary, I did not do it via the guide…

It’s done on purpose to drive up the ratings of that show. There is a built in audience of millions that were watching the game, and many will stay on that channel to see the show.