Export DVR Content

Would like to see Tablo feature allowing saved content to be “exported” (e.g. .mpg, .mov, .mkv, etc.) to be saved to my Plex Media Server.

Thank you!

There are many 3rd party apps that can aid with this, including my own SurLaTablo.

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There are amazing 3rd party tools for sure! But gosh, it would be wonderful if it was a feature of the platform. I would love for my 3rd party app to be put “out of business” by a great native/official implementation of downloadable recordings.

Does anyone know if this is in the product roadmap, and if not, why not? It would round the whole offering up to A+++ :slight_smile:

It’s actually address in the Tablo Knowledge Base -

It’s dated and only notes, one tool never out of beta testing and Tablo Ripper (out of development… well most aren’t too active). No mention of the “guest blog post” for ota2GO.

I think “on our roadmap” became more of a catch phrase than a business plan. :neutral_face:

I don’t disagree that native download functionality would be great, but in the meantime, ota2GO has been a great solution. I use it on a daily basis.

I’ve been using Tablo Ripper on Windows, and OTA2GO on Android and both work really well. I haven’t tried SurLaTablo, but I understand that people are happy with it as well. I’ve also played around with MCEBuddy, a tool that allows you to remove commercials, among other features, that you can use on shows that you’ve downloaded to your computer. So with the availability of some nice tools for downloading Tablo content, I’ve found that not having this feature native to Tablo isn’t an issue for me.


With the number of 3rd party programs out there that do a very good job exporting video I’d be surprised if Tablo spent the time and money to develop one.

They use free and open software to run their devices web server, ffmpeg, etc. They develope upon what others create.

They don’t even link to foss license any more :unamused:.