Exit Tablo Gen4

When I exit Tablo with my Roku it defaults to “Yes to exit”. When I do the same with my Firestick it defaults to No.

On Roku when the message pops up and you hit the return button, instead of OK, it returns to the app

What does it do on firetv stick.

It’s not like there is any consistency between the gen 4 apps. or the gen 4 apps and the legacy apps. Must be the same testers as the original legacy apps. You might have noticed that on Roku the time of day clock in the upper right corner isn’t there. And it seemed a lot of legacy users wanted that.

Same as Roku, it goes back to the app.

Doesn’t the legacy firetv app just exit the app when return is hit.

Yes it does.

And when they update the legacy firmware to work with the gen 4 apps, which app would you prefer.

I really haven’t thought much about it. I’m perfectly happy with how my OG Tablo works.