Every time I use Android app it has to sync (old thread)

And given how long syncing takes the android app is uttery useless. The browser is significantly faster every time I try. The browser certainly isn’t perfect but the constant need for syncing is horrible. 

While I am whining about the app…

Why in the world do I have to click Reconnect every time I start the app? I mean what else am I going to do with the app? Sure, if I had mutple tablos I suppose it might be nice to have that other option readily available. But I am I betting the masses do not have more than one tablo. 

Back to syncing…since it takes forever the tablet will go to sleep unless I constantly am touching the screen (not going to change my display timeout settings for tablo) or if I want to multi-task and do something else…the android app crashes.

Good times? Nope

What tablet do you have? Could be specific problems you’re having, not a global Android problem. App works perfectly on iPad.

@Eves The Android app has is certainly built differently than the iPad app, but are you being forced to sync on every single reconnect? I’ve just tested this here and only had to sync once since I hadn’t use this tablet in a ~week or so.

What kind of tablet is it, and on what version of Android?

Two different Asus tablets: t300 and memopad

@Eves, is it possible there’s some setting removing the app data when the app finishes?? (just taking a very random guess)

If I open the app, sync, close the app, and open it again I will have to resync

The Chrome browser has to cache a ton of data off the Tablo… it’s fairly large (images and such).  So… would not surprise me if something is clearing that especially if short on space.  And obviously it will all have to get resync’d.

Same issue here.

Spent a frustrating weekend trying to get Tablo up and running with the Android app. It now seems to work but every time I use the app I have to reconnect to Tablo.

  I've recorded one show but playback does nothing but buffer. I've read that this may be due to Android 4.4.4. Another annoyance because I was told my old tablet (android 4.0.3) wasn't up to the task, even though it works great with my Chromecast. I found a really good deal on a new tablet ( was told it had to be at least 7" and better than version 4.1) and bought it because I really like the idea of the Tablo and wanted to make this work, but now its version of Android is too high.

Tablo 2 tuner  2.1.16

Google Nexus 7 (2013) Android 4.4.4

 Tablo app

Google Chromecast

Be patient my friend, there will eventually be an Android app. The iPad and Roku apps work great.

In the meantime, I see you’re using Chromecast, can you get the Web app to play files without casting to the Chromecast? Just playback on the Tablet?

I can play a recorded show on the tablet from the web interface but if I try to play it on tablet from Tablo app it seems to be stuck buffering. Live tv  just buffers in app as well.

Please stop replying to very old threads. The conditions of these issues have changed so much.

It really hasn’t . 2021 and still dealing with a long sync process on Android 11.

How often do your use the Android app? Like once a month? If you use it frequently, the sync time is short.