Every morning around 9am, Tablo uploads to AWS


Every morning around 9:10 AM, Tablo uploads some data to IP address which seems to be Amazon Web Services. The destination port is TCP 80 (http) and the upload lasts about 25 mins (roughly 275 MB) over my 2 Mbps upload DSL. Is this legitimate or was the device compromised?


Do you have a recording that stops around 9AM? This could be your Commercial Skip uploading for analysis.

It likely is that, but an easy test would be for @tcp179 to schedule a half hour show sometime when home, and then see if data is uploaded to that address 30 minutes after the show ends.

Yes, I do have a show recording every day ending at 9AM and commercial skipping is enabled. I wasn’t aware that this new feature requires uploading data to Tablo’s datacenter (AWS?)… so I guess that must be it! Thank you


There is a warning displayed in the app when you enable this feature:

You can read all about how it works here:

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Around this same time every morning for the last 5-6 days something has been interrupting my scheduled recordings. I wonder if this is related to what you are having happen. Do any of your recordings, at that time, around 9:10 get interrupted?