Events in Sports section don't include channel and air time

Why didn’t you include the channel and air time information for upcoming sporting events like you do for TV shows and movies? That info does appear on the Roku listings I see. Did someone there just overlook it or is it something that’s just not possible?

Try the iPad app - those details should be there.

Missing from the web app last I checked.

@theuser86 Are you thinking it may just be something they overlooked then?

Actually you can see the channels in the web app. Just click the Channels at the top :wink: Just maybe not as intuitive

@jestep  My point may not have been clear.  Below would normally be a screen shot showing that my web app doesn’t show the channel and air time of a sporting event except this doesn’t easily let you attach a screen shot.  It’s there for the TV shows and movies and it’s in the Roku interface.  I didn’t take a pic of my android app but that info is missing there too. I’m not looking for a channel listing or a way to sort by channel.  I want to be able to see what time the game is on and which channel it will be on when I select it.

@mullermj yea, that seems to be missing which I find befuddling 

I brought this up on Jan 2.

I would like to see more lines of info when looking at episodes/events to record.  The info seems to be there on the Tablo, but the limitation of two lines leaves some of it out.  (I am looking at the web app, but the tablet app (and eventually the Roku) should do the same)

For the Simpsons (my favorite example), the first line has the episode number and the episode title.  The second line has the date and time.

For ABC World News Tonight, the first line has the channel number and the channel name (WKRN-DT in my case).  The second line has the date and time.

For the Bengals-Colts wild card game, I see the the word “Live” and the matchup info in the first line.  The second line just has a date (no time).

What I really want to see is all of this information (if available).  Episode number, channel number, channel name, episode title, episode date, and episode time.  It will require more lines in the episode description, but I think it would be worth it. It’s really weird having shows programmed in my Tablo and having no idea what channel I am recording some of the time.

Thanks for the feedback guys. I’ll make sure this gets seen by the dev team. 

We do try to make things as uniform across all apps as possible but some things are easier to implement on the web app vs. native apps vs. Roku so they may not always be exactly the same. 

FYI - When you click on the event to expand it the info is there now.

Nice.  I just set the Super Bowl to record, and all that info is there. Thanks!

That is great! Thank you!!  :-bd