Even my.tablotv.com won't talk to the Tablo anymore

Nothing seems able to connect to my tablo… neither Roko or through a web page hmmmm

@crzycrzy - Can you try rebooting your router, your Tablo then your Roku in that order waiting about 2 minutes in between each?

Make sure to press & release the Tablo’s reset button quickly - don’t hold it!

This should get everything talking to eachother again.

First try… no luck… also, Iphone won’t connect to it either

I had the same problem earlier. I pressed (didn’t hold) the reset button, the Tablo rebooted and then I could connect.

I’m experiencing this same problem. After installing beta 2.2.7#2 the next day none of my devices connect. They all detect the Tablo but do not connect. iPhone gives message:

There was a problem establishing an authentication session with your Tablo. This could be due to either authentication or Internet connectivity issues.


As of today my Tablo is not connecting from any device ,

Roku3 shows a small portion of the live TV by side but doesn’t play’.

Anyone have any ideas?

This is the worst the unit has bçehaved so far

Sorry for the bad typing’ using a taboet

And BTW Irebooted everything’s king multiple times and do not use wtfi

Still no solution, multiple attempts, Powered on and off. Different sequences. Had a priest bless it, Had a priest curse it…


On Roku 3:
Yesterday morning after several reboots by hitting the system reset button and unplugging the power I was finally able to get live tv to play. I then added back the legacy app and after about a half hour of various waits was able to see recordings, schedules and guides.

Legacy was and continued to be extremely slow, so I once again attempted logging into the new app and to my surprise it populated. List of recorded shows was not completely accurate and I could not delete any show.

Slowing, once I got this far tablets and cell were able to connect, but with similar (but different) errors in the lists of recorded shows and the same inability to deleted recorded shows.

Still at least somewhat functional.

Then Primetime hit and Tablo ceased working completely! No connection no matter what I did. Essentially a Brick.

Later I could see the unit but get the message that it was not setup and to go to http://my.tablotv.com/ and setup the unit. I attempted this on a tablet and it required a scan of the channels.

Scan started at around 10:00 pm and continued all night while I slept. In the morning it had found 0 channels of 1/69.

Running the tablo on all Roku apps at this shows live tv, no recordings at all, no guide and no schedule. Live TV does play, but as for the rest Tablo has nothing.

I have rebooted, restarted, powered down, moved the WD 2tb Elements usb hard drive back and forth to the 2 usb ports over and over, without success.

Wife wants the cable back and I am almost ready to give up the fight…

Well, I’ve regained control.

It solved itself after I scanned for my Tablo from my Iphone through Wifi. Changed my wifi to it, logged in, gave it the credentials to the house wifi and it started appearing again. It now wants to update from .2 to .6 Going for it.

What I don’t know if Roku connects at this point using the wifi or LAN to connect to my desktop.

Kicking the can further down the street.

Damn, Lost all communication now, no wifi, no LAN


@crzycrzy Please touch base with support. They’ll give you a hand trying to figure out what’s happening on your network: http://bit.ly/1w8BrBw

And magically it all came back to life… go figure
I have no idea what the right sequence was