Ethernet wired ROKU with Tablo

I have 3 TV’s all using ROKU’s. The primary TV’s ROKU is hardwired Ethernet, the other 2 utilize WiFi. The hardwired TV is faster and more reliable but I can’t figure out a way to get the a Tablo to work to the Ethernet wired TV.
Can it be done?

It should just work. Is your Tablo on wifi or ethernet? Do you have more than one router or Wifi access point?

I have two wifi Rokus and one ethernet Roku, and all three work just fine. They all should work the same, but they do need to all be on the same subnet on your network.

The Tablo is connected via Ethernet to the satellite of an Orbi mesh. The Ethernet connected TV is connected to the base unit Orbi but should that matter? One of the working WiFi TVs connects to the satellite, the other to the base.
When attempting to connect the Ethernet connected a ROKU to a Tablo, it is never found.

What are the IP addresses of each of the units? Tablo, and the TVs.

Just buy two extenders and plug the other two in. Thats what I did and no problems for over 5 years.:grin:

Duh, figured it out thanks to your suggestions.
Have a pass through modem/router that the TV was actually connected too. Moved connection to Orbi and is now working fine.