Ethernet vs Wifi for Image Quality

Just got our Tablo today as we have a new 70: Visio arriving tomorrow. I was able to get it configured over wi-fi using a laptop but not through any of the Tablo Apps. My question is would there be any improvement in the picture in having it connected to the Apple TV via ethernet vs being in WiFi mode? If so has anyone found a way to switch from wifi to ethernet once its configured?

Not an answer, but a guess: I don’t think picture quality would be affected, but rather buffering. I’m using a Roku 3 via wifi, and when my wifi network has issues my tablo stream will pause and start buffering. I’m tempted to run ethernet from my router to the roku, but honestly it doesn’t happen that often.

I switched from Wi-Fi to Ethernet shortly after buying my Tablo… no issues. Just plug it in and it should work.

No difference in pic quality. Digital is all or nothing. As !ong as your WiFi is well received you’re good.
Always best to use Ethernet for stable reception. My Tablo is wired to router. Streaming device is wireless.

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What kind of router do you have? One that supports Wireless AC and 5 Ghz is best.

You do have a Roku to tie the tablo into the vizio don’t you?

We are an all Apple house hold so we are on a very high speed cable connection, tied into a Apple Time Machine with the Apple TV on the same wireless network. I could not get either mobile app from iPad or iPhone to actually complete the set up wirelessly and had to use an older laptop. When I plug the ethernet cable from the Tablo into the Apple TV it cannot see the Tablo on the scan.

Picture quality is indirectly affected depending on your WiFi network. Potentially you could record at a higher quality with a wired connection. What usually works best is to have the Tablo wired. The client boxes can be either wired or WiFi as long as you don’t have buffering problems at the recording quality you choose.

Switching from WiFi to Ethernet is pretty simple: just plug it in.

Going the other requires a reset I think. I don’t know for sure since I haven’t done it.