Ethernet vs. Wi-fi-----Tablo App?

I’m considering hardwiring (Ethernet) all my TV’s to Tablo, but I’m confused as to how to control Tablo. Currently, I’m using Amazon Fire Stick on all three of my TV’s and control Tablo using the Tablo App from inside Amazon Fire TV. So, if I connect a cable from the router, to the Ethernet connector on the TV, I’m assuming that there’s no way to access the app, right? If this is the case, what means do I use to control Tablo?

Of course, along with Tablo, I plan on continuing to use the Amazon Fire Stick to watch Amazon programing, so I’m thinking that I will now need to utilize the Input (or Source) button on my TV’s remote in order to switch between Tablo and Amazon, right? I’m wondering if this would allow for picture-in-picture (assuming my TV is so equipped).

Thanks in advance!!!

Depends on your TV… the Samsung smart TV has a Tablo app available.

Some of my TVs are “smart” and have an ethernet connection.

Others do not have an ethernet connection. How would I control Tablo on these units?

Well, if there’s a Tablo app available for your smart TVs, you’d control Tablo via the TV’s remote. If not, you’d need a streaming device like a Roku, Chromecast, Apple TV, etc., plugged in to the TV’s HDMI port, and you would control Tablo via the streamer’s remote, or your smartphone. If your TV has an MHL port, you might find that your TV’s remote can control the streaming device. In my case, one TV has an MHL port and came with a Roku streaming stick that I control with the TV’s remote.

There are Media streaming devices with Ethernet ports, but you’d still need to use its remote or smartphone.

It does? I’d love for that to be true, but my Samsung Orsay O/S and Tizen O/S smart TVs don’t find a ‘Tablo’ app (yet). Which Samsung smart TV platform have you found that has a Tablo app?

Here’s the article I found from Tablo…


The link you posted refers to LG smart TVs not Samsung smart TVs.

The Tablo currently has an app for LG Web OS 2.0 TV’s, so if any of your TV’s are able to use that, the Ethernet connection would be of benefit.

However, if you’re just hardwiring your TVs with Ethernet, and continue to use the Tablo app via the Fire TV (on Wi-Fi), it wouldn’t make any difference. If the Fire TV you’re using has an Ethernet port (rather than the stick, which doesn’t), hardwiring the Fire TV itself would be the best move for the Tablo/streaming video experience.

Great Idea…I do have one Amazon Fire device (with an Ethernet port), so I can move that to the LG (non-Smart) TV and connect with cat6/6 which will allow me to access the Tablo app via Amazon, right?

I can then use the two Fire Sticks on the Visio (Smart) TVs to access Amazon content while accessing Tablo via the Tablo App on the Visio TV itself.

Last question…If I want to hardwire a tv (non-smart) to my router (and Tablo), I won’t have a means to access and control the Tablo App, right?

Sigh, it’s General Hospital for @lkahhan

My “plan” failed because there is apparently no way to add a Tablo app on my “smart” TV’s. I now realize that Tablo has no app for Visio Smart TV’s.

Any one have any ideas?

My Amazon Fire TV console (not the Stick) has an ethernet connection and provides really fast and uninterrupted access to my Tablo device.

This is why I avoid the sticks like the plague - no matter how cheap they are. I prefer to hard wire everything when possible. The only thing you can really do is replace the sticks with a streaming box that has an Ethernet port. We have three FireTVs and one Roku - all hard wired.

I’ve believe hard wire tablo to router is the way to go. But I’ve had good luck with 5g wifi to roku as long as you don’t expect 5g to penetrate walls and depleted uranium.