Ethernet connection and Wifi Simultaneously?

I ordedered a TP-Link AV1000 Gigabit Powerline to do an ethernet link for my Tablo because the Wifi signal wavers at times and I get pixelation. I have not received it yet, but before I hook it up via my home’s electrical outlet, would having ethernet and wifi simultaneously affect Tablo’s remote access via my phone, or other features? Thanks.

The tablo either connects to a router via ethernet or WiFi. But not both.

If you have more then one device close to the client powerline plug and these have ethernet you can always have devices connected to an unmanaged switch and the switch’s uplink port would be connected to the powerline.

So what happens if both are connected? Does one override the other, or will Tablo not work?

If the Ethernet is connected, the Wifi isn’t even turned on.

Yes… As soon as you connect the Tablo via Ethernet, the WiFi module will be inactive.

Thanks FlyingDiver and Tablo TV. That answers all my questions.

Pixelation is generally not caused by poor WiFi signal but by poor OTA signal. Hard wiring your Tablo might not solve your problem. But good luck!

Who told you this was a WiFi issue?

WiFi issues generally cause buffering. Pixelation often is a reception/signal issue.

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Pixelation can be caused by HDD issues as well.

elaborate please
“HDD issues” is extremely vague and generalized. Corrupt filesystem? Bad controller ie) physical drive failure. Connectivity failure. But if it can’t read a file… you get a distorted/pixelated video, just getting what it’s able to read? Instead of erroring out?

It was meant to be vague and generalized because I do not know if there could be multiple root causes of HDD issues that could result in pixelation. I know it happened to me and I’m not sure what is wrong with my HDD. @poohdog just concluded (at least he thinks he did) that his HDD issues caused pixelation issues:

@djk44883 and @bbaorbb - I could not detect any HDD issues until I downloaded the HDD utilities from the vendor Seagate. When I ran the quick and short tests it passed. When I ran the full tests it failed, 3 times. After that, I put my set-up back the way it was and it is working as of this post.
Keep in mind what I have practiced over the years, try to figure out what changed and they change one thing at a time to see if it fixes things. While reception was initially thrown out as the culprit, nothing seemed to have changed in my environment to effect that. I could not deal with an environmental change like some new obstacle in the path of my signal but I could change all of the other things that were suggested.


It’s been about a year since I’ve had my Dual Lite, so I don’t recall the exact specifics.

I’ve have issues with segmented recordings and reboots. Occasionally I would get messages about no storage, or other vague comments about my drive. My drive was stable, but the setup wasn’t in “the list”. I would also get vague weak signal error message. Since all there we get is a one time colored dot, who knows what that actually means.

As for the signal, don’t have any issues with TVs - they have a signal strength and signal quality indicator showing 100% quality. (some may say it’s not technical… but it’s way more than green dots for just a single moment in time!) I also had previously used Hauppauge tuner cards in my PC with out issue.

As for my drive, I was able to rsync everything to a different one - no read errors! Ran a diagnosis which found no issues. Allowed tablo to re-format it and copied everything back, yup, no write errors.

“Just because” I lowered my recording quality to max out at HD 720 - 5 Mbps and the lower settings seems to alleviate any issues. Of course this could just be a coincidence as I’ve never changed it or done further testing.

I suspect the lower quality doesn’t need as tight specs on signal quality, which is different than signal strength, which tablo devices doesn’t acknowledge. What ever my problem may/or may not have been - I’ve only a couple of rare time seen any recurrence.

In the end, I feel that much better and don’t really notice much quality loss compared to streaming (which is not HD for me) Personally, I see their messages as generic for “something”. It’s lame to have to “reach out to support” to ask them, “can you check my logs for me?” …I’ll just wait until you get around to it, but if you’re just going to tell my “weak signal” drive error that’s not informative enough for problem solving.