Error - Weak Signal w/ 5 Green Dots Signal Strength


I’ve had my new Quad about a week now and all was good for the first few days. However, one of my main network channels has suddenly started giving me an “Error - Weak Signal” when I try to tune to that station even though it was working just fine previously and has 5 Green Dots indicating a very strong signal. I have tried a rescan and it scans and loads that station with 5 Green Dots but still gives me the Error - Weak Signal. On my original and subsequent scans, I have another statin with 3 Orange Dots and I always receive an Error - Weak Signal when trying to tune to that station. That station I can live without but not one of the 4 major broadcast networks. The other three major networks all have 5 Green Dots and no trouble tuning in the station. Don’t understand why it worked flawlessly for a few days but now for the last few days refuses to pull in that station even when it shows a strong signal of 5 Green Dots. I’ve rescanned multiple times and reset to no avail. Any ideas? Thanks in advance.


Can you test your antenna directly on a TV? This will let you determine if the issue is your reception or the Tablo.


Thanks, Lysander. I just did that right after I posted and the issue appears to be the outside antenna. We had a small rain & wind storm a few days ago and I don’t see how that could have possibly moved my small roof mounted antenna but apparently it did. I’ll try to reposition it tomorrow. Thanks again.



I’d check your signal again before you move the antenna.

The storm might have temporarily given you weak reception.

It might be ok now.



When it comes to installing anything that depends on a chain of continuity I check everything!

I just installed a new Antop 400BV antennal and since I make my own coax cable compression connections I checked every cable and connection through the ground block to the wall outlet. That way I am confident that I have signal continuity all the way.

This does the trick: Wire Tracer, Coax Cable Pocket Continuity Tester with Remote, Audible Beep and LED Klein Tools VDV512-007

In life Occam’s Razor is usually the safe bet!



Thanks cthompgh, I thought of that and waited but the storm was three days ago and we now have clear blue skies with no clouds and no wind. Occasionally, the station will tune in and then break up and drop out completely.


Thanks Lysander I’ll check out the wire tracer.