Error:Weak Signal back again

Have tried soft resetting with the button. Rebooting Roku etc…receive weak signal in the browser too. All channels show up max signal when I perform a scan. Any suggestions? Running 2.2.10 tablo device.

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There were some suggestions made to improve your reception in the original thread you started (July 9) - did you make those changes to improve your reception?

It’s not really due to a weak signal because once it goes thru it’s reset mode the channel will tune in. This problem on my system is not just on one channel. If it gives me the error every channel will show weak signal error until either it reboots itself or I reboot it. Also I have just started having the problem where it shows it recorded the whole show, but on playback it only plays for a while then stops. If I hit the pause it shows that the whole program did not record.

Well, after looking at everything it seems that my weak signal is related to my hard drive. A couple of weeks agi I kept getting hard drive not found errors. I would go and power cycle the thermaltake BlacX dock and it seemed to work. I do not get the weak signal error when the hard disk is not connected. I have replaced the hard disk with a know good drive and the format screen pops up than goes away. The settings section shows no hard drive connected. Very strange…I have been using the thermaltake dock for over a year now with no issues. I guess I will keep the drive disconnected until I can figure out what is going on.

How close to the Tablo is this docking station? It may be emitting radiation that interferes with the RF signals received by the Tablo (especially if the coax from the antenna is unshielded).

It is about a foot away. I will try moving it. Right now everything seems to be back to normal. Maybe my HD was going bad. I have all my equipment in my garage and it is very hot here. I put a fan blowing on everything to help.

Heat will affect the Tablo. Sometimes all a fan does is scatter the heat around and not disperse it. Do you have a better, cooler place to put the Tablo?

For longevity it would be better to put the Tablo in a well ventilated place. Heat will destroy electronic components such as internal chipsets.