Error: Unknown playback error

I have had my Tablo for about 10 weeks. Through Roku it displays about 60 recorded programs. Many have multiple episodes. Some in the dozens. It won’t play any of them . After showing “loading” for a few seconds it shows “Error: Unknown playback error”. It even does this for programs that I had started watching previously and then came back to it. I have not found any program that will play. Tablo settings show that 1.97T is available out of 1.97T. .i.e. nothing there. (But, shows the cover art for the programs and how many episodes.) I assume that the file structure is toast. The cover art stuff and counts must be a separate file. Is anything recoverable? How to I force a reFORMAT to eliminate any potential problems in the future?

I should add that new stuff records and plays back ok. I still would like a reformat to clean up the drive.

Deleting the episodes doesn’t really remove them. The title goes away but the space for title/description remain as does the cover art.

@sowdman - Hrm, there’s a few things here that aren’t operating correctly. Touch base with support and we can check things out to find the cause and maybe avoid a complete reset: