Error message : no tuner availble

I just set up Tablo and was working fine and then I try to watch a show and It tells me error no tuner available. And my guide only show limited stations. Any help appreciated.


I’m presuming that you are attempting to watch Live TV while the Tablo is diligently recording other programs.

The Tablo has a limited number of tuners depending upon which model of Tablo you own.

While recording a TV program, each program requires it’s own individual tuner. Watching Live TV also requires a tuner.

If you try to watch Live TV while all the other tuners are busy recording other programs, you will get the message “No Tuner Available”.

Just as your standard TV has only one tuner in it. You can’t watch 2 programs at the same time. (With the exception of TV’s that support Picture-In-Picture, but that’s another subject).

Your options in this situation are to watch one of the channels being recorded or watch a previously recorded program.
You can also start watching the recorded portion of a program while it’s still being recorded. You just won’t have the thumbnails nor commercial skip features available. These features are processed after a recording has completed.
You can always switch over to your TV and use it’s internal tuner for watching live TV while the Tablo is doing its’ own thing.

As far as the guide showing limited stations…
You don’t mention which media device you are using. On the Roku, you can use the Up/Down arrows on your remote to scroll through the other stations. If you are using the web app, hover your mouse over the guide and use your mouse wheel the scroll through the stations.

Hope this helps you understand the capabilities and limitations of your Tablo.

Thanks for clarifying some things.
I don’t quite understand what you mean by the phrase below. Are you saying I can re-connect my antenna directly to my Tv and the Tablo will still record scheduled recordings?

Sorry for the misunderstanding.
The Tablo must have an antenna connected for it to work.

I’m using an antenna splitter. One side goes to my Tablo the other side goes to my TV. That way I can still record with my Tablo and by switching inputs on my TV, I can watch TV the old fashion way using its’ internal tuner.

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What a great idea! Sounds great but you’ll have to bear with on that. I am 80 yrs old and don’t understand the switching part. How do you switch them?


You switch from the HDMI input on the TV to the TV Tuner input on the TV.

Connecting an OTA antenna to your TV tuner is old school, exactly how you used to get TV with rabbit ears a long time ago.

I do the same. Tablo is used only for recordings…

Thanks for the reply. how does it work with the splitter. Also how do I literally just use it for recording and connect it to my television. Do I then switch between TV and Roku on my TV remote. Excuse me because I am 80 and my mind isn’t working as well as you once did!



The splitter they’re talking about creates 2 antenna cables out of 1.
The cable coming out of the antenna, and directly to the Tablo now, goes in 1 end of the splitter, and 2 cables come out the other end.
Connect 1 of those cables to the Tablo, and the other 1 to the TV.
This way both the Tablo, and TV share the antenna.

Your TV has multiple inputs.
The Roku is connect via an HDMI cable, which your TV is probably set to use by default.

After you connect the extra antenna cable directly to your TV, you can use the TV remote to switch input to the antenna.
Then, if you want to watch something on the Tablo, use the TV remote to switch input back to the HDMI connection that’s connected to the Roku.
You probably have multiple HDMI ports on the TV, so you may need to switch inputs a few times before finding the one connected to the Roku.

Thank you for clarifying it for me. I will give it a try. Need to get a splitter.

Thanks again,


You can find an antenna cable splitter at your hardware store where TV / antenna accessories are sold. It looks like this example:

As seen in the image, inexpensive splitters create signal loss. You may want to use a amplified/distribution style splitter to compensate. All depends on the source of your signal and if it’s already amplified (before the split) or just incredibly strong at your location.

Here’s a visual for you. :slight_smile:


Thanks. It great to have a picture of what I need.

I like your name!!

And another…

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Thanks again for the splitter info. I hooked it up today and so far it’s working just great!!


Thanks again for the pic of the splitter. Just hooked it up this morning and everything is working great!!

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