Error hard drive full

Hard drive is only a tenth full but missing recordings with error message hard drive full. Old recordings play without issues and when I first start tablo I get error message hard drive is full. Click on error message and try again then it works

Is the drive relatively old? Do you have a spare you can swap in temporarily to see if it has the same issue?

Both tablo and hard drive are 12 months old.

When I start tablo from standby to live tv error comes up hard drive full. Click on that error and then it starts up without error.

Some recordings record without issue… some give error message and then a second try it records so 2 showings show up in recordings. One with error and one that recorded (same show).

If a show old or new recorded it plays fine

I should be giving the exact error message… can’t be trouble shot without…

Today all recordings… recording failed because no storage was available …

Then a second listing it records without issue… so 2 listing for each show where the 1st fails then it goes ahead and records without error.

Failing hard drive after just 12 months?

Could it be possible that your drive is going to sleep and doesn’t wake up fast enough to respond to the Tablo? The fact that it responds on the second try sounds like a sleeping drive. Depending on the brand, you may be able to connect it to a PC and use software from the drive manufacturer to disable the sleep mode.

no… the hard drive and tablo are 12 months old married from day 1. This issue just started a couple days ago after being trouble free for 12 months

Get Tablo Support to check your logs. Maybe the drive is dying.

Just ordered a new hard drive… every recording requires 2 tries before it records now.

Not going to be a happy camper if hard drives only last a year when being used with tablo. Never had a hard drive fail in years of use with our sat dvr’s

Yes new hard drive fixed the problem. Hard drive only lasted a year…ugh

RMA that sucker.

The hard drive is hardware and hardware can fail at any time for a multitude of reasons. It is not related to, or caused by, the source sending data to the drive, but the drive itself. I work in the IT industry for ~25 years and we have had hard drives last years, and others fail within months or even weeks of getting installed.